top five, all time things that i love about wendy…



now playing: karla bonoff, “restless nights”



a valentines’ day memorial list, if you will.

(with whatever necessary apologies to nick hornby….this might read better if you can imagine john cusack reading them off into the camera, but this’ll have to do. i’m on a budget.)

ok, in no particular order – number one:

some people smile with their lips, some people use some of their face – wendy smiles with her whole body. and everyone around her knows it when she does. she adds something to the air around her that wasn’t there before she was.

number two:

she’s not afraid to show the world that she remembers what it’s like to inhabit the innocence of a child…taking pleasure in little things that other people who’ve forgotten will take for granted. she still delights in sesame street, for instance. (not to mention that awful computer-animated disney show, roly-poly-oley…or whatever it’s called.) granted, sometimes this means that she cries at times that are uncomfortable or maybe inconvienent, but i don’t think you get one without the other.

number three:

i know she thinks this is why i married her, but it’s not. still, i’d be remiss to leave this off my top five, all time list – she knows her guitars. trust me, this is pretty huge. she can tell the seemingly insignificant differences between a les paul standard and a les paul custom from a sizable distance…and while this part maybe doesn’t reflect on wendy directly, i love the reaction that i get when i tell other people that she can do that…that little hint of envy that shows up on my friends’ faces. it’s just one of many amazing things that she can do.

number four:

i know this is a direct cop from the book/movie, but it’s no less true…i love the way she smells. it’s some kind of mystery of human chemistry, but some people just feel like…home.

she fits.

number five:

i love the fact that (on the all-too rare occasions when i was able to make time to do so) she could make the world outside the door disappear just by sitting down on the sofa with me and reading a book next to me or watching TV with me. i didn’t always love her choices in programming, but every now and then we’d do it right – pop some popcorn, put on a movie, and ignore the phone and just enjoy each other. those are the moments that i want to take with me when this comes to its inevitable conclusion.

sure, i could make a top five, all time list of the things about laur – uh, wendy – that make me crazy, but that’s the kind of thinking that got me here….

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