the waning hours



now playing: sex in the city, ad nauseum


so how, you might ask, did i spend the last night in the house with my soon-to-be ex-wife?

well, i rushed home from dylans’ parent-teacher conference to an empty house…wendy came home at about 20 before 9 with her dinner in a bag (so much for potentially taking her out to dinner). so, i left and went to queen city to grab a bite, since i was starving…and wendy called to remind me that someone had come to pick up their computer.

so i gulped down dinner, drove back to leesport to pick up the computer that i’d forgotten to bring home with me, and got home at around ten after ten. computer delivered, customer happy, evening over, for the most part.

since that time, wendy has been camped in front of the television, glued to the season four DVD of sex in the city. since mom and dad are arriving early tomorrow afternoon instead of late tomorrow afternoon/early tomorrow evening, i need to have myself ready to leave in the morning, ne’er to return.

i’m setting the alarm early in the morning, because i’m stopping at the shop on the way to work…i have laundry in the dryer which should be finished in a few minutes…at that point, i’ll be off to bed.

and my wife will still be camped in front of the TV. she’s moved on to the directors’ comments now….so it’s gonna be a long night for her.

obviously, i’ll be missed.


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