fly, eagles, fly…on the road to…ANOTHER ASS WHOOPIN’


now playing: shawn colvin, “matter of minutes”


so – i just put a poll up on my oft-neglected forum regarding the super bowl, if any of you are feeling so inclined…

it appears as though terrell owens will play on sunday – which will cement the downfall of the team. they all pulled their shit together and took their game up a notch when he went down, and they managed somehow to get into the big game…now, though, with King Braggart back in pads, they’re all gonna relax those schpincter muscles that they’ve had tightened up this past month, and they’re gonna end up with great big red, white, and blue tire tracks on their asses.

just so it’s in print – it’s gonna be patriots 31, eagles 17.

you heard it here first.


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