early to bed, early to rise…like it or not.



now playing: merle haggard, “mama tried” 


got up early this morning and took the bus to work. the wrong bus, actually – the one i should’ve taken was the one that came roughly an hour before the one i got on, because there’s a connector i was supposed to have taken…but it’s all good. i was here by 8:30, and it only took a little over an hour by bus to travel the 20 or so minutes it takes me to drive to work. 

and people wonder why so few commuters are willing to take public transportation…gee, could it have something to do with having to get up that much earlier to travel the same distance? 

well, it would for me. 

left the van at home today, because on the way home on saturday night it started shutting itself off every time i came to a stop. it took about ten minutes to get it to start in the first place, for some reason – and then i had to rev it up and jerk it into gear to get it to go. luckily, traffic was sparse on saturday night and the signal gods smiled upon me…i only hit two red lights the whole way home – and all total, i only had to go through the whole restart procedure about half a dozen times (to include stop signs and such), and i was able to get back – with the gas pedal all the way to the floor, i averaged about 40 miles an hour. 

i talked to the mechanic this morning, and he thinks it’s a vacuum leak – relatively easy to fix. 


i got home at around one in the morning…wendy was still up, watching the credits roll on saturday night live…i checked my mail and went up to bed a few minutes later as she was manically flipping back and forth between a dog show and grown men and women building a treehouse on one of the seventeen or eighteen thinly-disguised reality-slash-home-improvement shows that she’s addicted to…you know the ones, right? where people move into each others’ houses for the weekend and totally trash a room by doing stupid shit like gluing paint cans to the ceiling and whatnot? 

yeah, you know. 

anyway, in a move that’s becoming less rare with each passing day, i actually went to bed before she did – leaving her and her dog show to pass the rest of the late night hours. it had been a long enough day. 

i had to get up early that morning and take her to work (which i did without condition or complaint), because her door locks were frozen and she couldn’t get in to her car. then i came home and took a shower and picked up the mornings’ refreshments for the weekly meeting of the Mentally Guitarded Support Group. All the usual suspects were there, plus a couple of new guys, including steve o’boyle of uglyamps.com, and a fine drummer as well. he brought an amp that he’d just finished (“something that i threw together”, he says), and lil’ ragu plugged into it and played for a while – as good as it sounded with his guitar plugged into it, it sounded even better with his harp microphone. 

but, i was on a mission – ragu brought all his keith amos creations in (as did i) to have their pictures taken, and i set up a spot and started taking pictures – first as a group, then individually – for the new website. i had also taken an entire vanload of work in – including the lions’ share of my road rig, three lap steels, a test-bed strat to install a set of pickups in that i wanted to try out, my new black dillion les paul with p-90’s in that that’s going to get the neil young treatment, and some other stuff. 

as everyone was filtering out, keith had to leave to go pick sue up, and i stayed until keith got back (since he’d left the shop unlocked for me)…then i scrambled to pick wendy up and to get to pottstown for a babysitting assignment, hanging with my ex-girlfriend’s daughter for the night…and we had a BLAST. i took her to the mall for something to eat, and then we went to the arcade for a while. not unlike her chaperone, she was tired as a result of the long day, and we didn’t stay as long as we could’ve. 

dylan called me from his cellphone during our trip to the mall to ask me if i saw the “lumberjack lingerie” commercial that ran during the steelers game. 

and as disjointed as this synopsis of the weekend reads is about how it felt… 

sunday i didn’t do shit…i slept in and watched football. i was supposed to join the gang at tivoli’s for a birthday party, but i knew the van was being a little bitch (and i didn’t feel like grovelling to use the car) so i stayed home. i watched the second half of the eagles game and fell asleep for the second half of the pats game. then i pried myself up off the sofa and took a shower and went to queen city for something to eat and came home and did a load of laundry while i changed guitar strings – then back to bed.

a total waste of a day if ever there was one, really…although i did work a little on the graphics for the new amosguitars.com site, it wasn’t really enough to justify my existence on january 16th, 2005. 

i feel, somehow, as though i have a ton of stuff bubbling just under the surface right now – BIG stuff. as though at some point, something is going to rake across the thin membrane keeping it all in at some point and it’s going to come gushing out in a pretty reckless fashion. i’ve kept a pretty civil lid on some of it for a while now, but i’m not sure how much longer that’s going to be the case. it’s tough to talk about, because i know that some of the likely affected parties read these words on a regular basis – and i’m not sure how i feel about that. 

(of course in saying that, i probably have a bunch of people needlessly worried that i’m going to go Columbine on them, and i’d say that this is a complete non-possibility…for, oh, 98% of you anyway….) 

holdin’ it together, though…for a little while longer, anyway…. 

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