dylan’s got a girlfriend, dylan’s got a girlfriend…



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boy…i’ve alternately felt like i have a ton to talk about and then nothing at all for a while now.

there are a few things that i’d love to rattle on about, but i think that the top item on that list is best kept under wraps for now, until next of kin are notified, etc., etc. – so mums’ the word on that one, for now.

i can tell you that my son now has a girlfriend.

her name is samantha, and she’s led to dylan’s newfound discovery of alexander graham bell’s most famous invention…the kid who won’t answer the phone when it rings right next to his head has now passed into the next world. dylan lunges for the phone now. go figure.

i’m a little skeptical, frankly.

given my sons’ penchant for bending the truth, it’s hard not to take his total refusal to part with details about who she is, where she lives, etc., as perhaps his constructing her from the uncharted depths of his imagination. lord knows, it wouldn’t be out of character for him to do so. but, his sister says she thinks that she’s legit.

so there you have it. both of my kids are “dating”.

(although it should be pointed out that, according to dylan, when he asked her out, he didn’t really “ask her out” as we might think of it. apparently, the word “out” doesn’t mean the same thing when you’re between 12 and 16 as it does when you’re…oh, say, 30 or so. when he told me he asked her out, i asked him where he was taking her…and he honestly had no clue what the hell i meant by that. so i have to remember to substitute the word steady for the word out when i talk to dylan.)

i would like to hope that he would handle this process better than i did at his age. considering that dylan is, in fact, me when i was at his age, that might very well be wishful thinking.

i wouldn’t go back and be that age now for any amount of money.


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