new year’s schmaltzy eve



now playing: aunt pat, “up here”


so, move over on the bandwagon….because, fact is, i’m not any happier about the prospect of new year’s rockin’ eve with regis philbin than anyone else is.

but, i can’t help but wondering – if not regis, then who?

the first other candidates that come to mind would be leno or letterman, but abc obviously isn’t going to be making any gestures in their direction…jimmy kimmel? billy crystal?

there really isn’t any other feasible choice, in terms of a suitable replacement for dick clark.

so regis is screwed either way you look at it. no matter how good a job he might be capable of doing, he’s not dick clark, and that’s his problem.

or our problem, depending on how you look at it.

i finally moved forward with uploading the redesigned last night, in between scouring the web for a hacked copy of the program that AT&T wants to charge me $30 for in order to be able to use all the functions of my new cellphone and troubleshooting a stack of computers that have piled up in my kitchen to replace the ones i’ve managed to fix and move out…it’s becoming obvious that i’m going to have to find a spot somewhere in the house to designate as a work area – perhaps along the wall underneath the stairs in the laundry room. that seems like the most likely candidate at this point, anyway.

i’ve never really put all the tools that i have at my disposal into my site – i’ve always kept it somewhat minimalist, in terms of what i’ve put up, simply because it’s easier to change that way, and i don’t really need the flash treatment to get my point across – although eventually, during a time when i don’t have a lot going on (should that day ever come), i’ll probably succumb to the urge to build a bells-and-whistles version of the site.

right now, that doesn’t feel necessary. but i did need a facelift. it was time.

next is an update of the links on my blog, and a replacement look for my seldom-to-never visited forum as well…right now, it just doesn’t “match”.

i’m also contemplating starting a mailing list, but i don’t know if i want to add myself to the legions of mass mailers that already exist out there…nor do i know what exactly i’d put in these alleged emails, other than crap that’s already on the site, like where i’m playing at a given time…crap like that.

i have a ton of photos to upload to the site, too…that’s gonna be some work, man. especially considering that i can’t remember what parameters i used to create the thumbnails when i put up the initial lot.

ah, well. it’ll come to me.

i stopped at darryl’s house last night on the way home from work – i had to drop off some jack stands that i’d borrowed from him, and pick up a computer that i’m redoing for him before christmas. we were talking about the potential for doing some crazy shit for our “last waltz” gig this weekend – i don’t know if i have it in me or not, but i’m thinking about preparing for the possibility that i just might.

i think that it started to sink in that this was almost over last weekend, but i’ve been so busy this week that i’ve been distracted from the fact…it occurs to me in fits and starts as the week goes by, but i haven’t dwelled on it at all – certainly not enough to slip into much of a funk over it.

and yet, when i wake up on sunday, five days from now, it’ll all be over.

i feel somewhat disconnected of late – i haven’t been on top of my game, in terms of staying in touch with people, answering emails, returning phone calls, responding to comments on the blog…things of that nature. and i don’t know that it necessarily means anything other than the fact that i’ve just been feeling disconnected. so if i owe you an email, or if you’re wondering just where the hell i’ve been – i don’t think it’s anything major. in fact, it may be somewhat obvious from perusing these entries and taking in the thinning of the posts that i haven’t been terribly verbose of late.

this never lasts for very long, though.


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