what to do, what to do…



now playing: allman brothers, “blue sky”


in nik everett news, we have our next full band show at the grape street…tomorrow night…it’ll be the first time i’ll have seen the new space.

i’m not sure how i feel about that.

actually, yeah i do. i’m not really too psyched about the whole thing.

the grape has become, over the years, another in a long list of clubs that cram as many bands into one night as they can, one after another, in order to get as many bodies in the room as they can. check this shit out – our showtime tomorrow is at an almost ridiculously early 8:30, but we’ve been instructed to tell everyone we’re playing at 8:00, and anyone who shows before that gets in free…now, today i find out that we’re not even the first band on the bill! there’s actually a band playing at seven-fuckin’-thirty!

who goes out at 7:30 on ANY night of the week, weekend or not?

instead of a band, they should have fuckin’ bingo at 7:30. that’d put bodies in the room.

if you’re a person who frequents this kind of club, you probably don’t get much of an idea of the utter chaos that ensues at a place like this…the rush to get the last band the hell off the stage runs headfirst with the rush to get the next band up and playing as quickly as possible, soundcheck be damned, so they can cram as many of these kinds of transitions into one night as they can…so you can imagine what that must be like when the process repeats itself every 45 minutes. one band has no more than gotten their shit off the stage before the next band comes in and one is trying to get out the door while the other one is coming in…then it all starts over again.

now, nik says that load in is at 6:30 and everyone has to be there and up at that point…but that doesn’t go very far in explaining the 7:30 band…and when he says “everyone”, does that mean that every band playing tomorrow night will be there trying to cram onto the stage at the same time?

i hope nik will forgive me if i’m not jumping up and down at the prospect of playin’ this show.

oh, he also sent me a link earlier this week to a web review of the release party show…

last rehearsal, though, we actually spent more time talking after rehearsal than we did playing…george manney, our drummer, is one fascinating sonofabitch. it’s amazing to consider the sheer multitude of historic events he’s been present for…he’s also in the process of putting together a documentary on the philadelphia music scene. he’s conducted a ton of interviews and has probably already collected a shitload of archival material for it…right now, he’s looking for seed money to put it together.

yet another one of those moments when i wish i had a lot more money than i actually do….

i got an email from one of my musical heroes last night…george marinelli. my buddy charlie degenhart is the first signing to george’s new label, wingding records, and his new 5 song EP, april’s fool, is their first release. i’ve had some rough mixes of some of the songs as they’ve evolved over time, and i’m anxious to hear the finished product…i was in the kitchen last night, working on computers at the kitchen table, and i could hear wendy in the office listening to a clip from “momentary bliss” from her computer, so i’m pretty sure the site has all the info on charlies’ record.

i also emailed him back and told him that his guitar solo at the end of bruce hornsby’s version of jack straw from deadicated is on my all time, top ten favorite guitar solos list. it kicks ass.

charlies’ EP is out, nik’s album has been out for less than two months, and blake’s album is in the can…

and stone road has two shows left before disappearing into the oblivion of Bands That Are No More.

offers have been creeping in from the strangest places – a guy i bumped into at the annual Ragu Bash a while back called me about playing in a band he’s putting together, and i was giving it some serious thought until he said the two magic words – “chick singer”.

been there, done that, learned my lesson.

donnie is putting a band together, and i’ve agreed in principle to come over and jam with them next week, to see what it sounds like – i can’t say that i’m too terribly excited by the prospect, but it’s something i might end up doing.

also, in the meantime, keith amos re-extended his invitation to join his band after i sat in with the country band that he’s joining last weekend…and while that’s tempting, i’m not sure i have the constitution to play in a country band full-time. i think i’d enjoy it if i weren’t a full-fledged member of the band, and could just play some of the gigs as a special guest or something like that…but i don’t know if i could buy into the proposition of doing that as my main pursuit. i think i’d end up hating it if i had to do it all the time.

the joint venture with Ragu wouldn’t be taking shape until the spring, as we’ve both expressed a desire to take the winter off…he’s working on a new blues album, and i think that personally, i’d like to take a couple of months and find out what it’s like not to be in a band for a change. i think i’d like to spend some time getting the studio up and running the way it should be, and possibly work on the album i promised jodi i’d help her with, and just not have to BE anywhere on weekends other than home.

in an odd and foreign way, that’d be pretty nice right now.

certainly it would until i manage to find out where exactly it is that i fit into the grand musical scheme of things…

i’m aware that i’ve been unusually quiet lately. and i can’t blame it on my old scapegoats. i’m very nearly completely finished with the computer backlog at home now, and there remains only my own machine to redo at this point. work remains a figurative boot on my ass, but i’m not without opportunity to post, should i choose to do so. with all the work i have right now, my brain doesn’t seem to drift free as often as it used to, but the day is often rife with other opportunities to loosen it a bit from the perpetual grip of mediocrity that seems to have a stranglehold on my thoughts these days.

i feel like there are an unusually large number of paths in my life that are reaching their inevitable, eventual end at the moment.

and you’d think i’d have something to say about that, but i just don’t seem to have the energy to summon my thoughts in this direction.



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