the usual weekend retrospective kinda stuff…

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so somehow this five day break from work has evaporated…it’s coming up on eleven o’clock, and i have to hit the hay soon.

i’m not sure where it went.

today felt as though i spent the whole day in the van…although we did have a pretty hilarious sit-down at the chinese buffet, courtesy of dylan and his buddy derek. they can be a bit much sometimes, but they seemed to be in a pretty complementary frame of mind this weekend – not quite annoying as they can be at times, but animated enough to be funny as hell.

i know i promised an accounting of my trip to the doctor, but i just haven’t had the time to sit down and do it justice yet. i’ll try to tomorrow or wednesday.

i have a front tire on the van that’s showing about an eight inch strip of actual steel belting – so tomorrow i have to try to find a set of front tires for the van before the end of the day or i’ll probably end up cancelling rehearsal with nik tomorrow, since i don’t feel very comfortable taking the van onto the schuylkill expressway with a blowout waiting to happen.

sam’s club usually works people in relatively quickly – i’ll see if i can sneak in there tomorrow after work and get outta there in time to make rehearsal…he wants to work on new stuff, and leigh is supposed to be making it in as well, so it’s an important rehearsal to make – but i’d prefer, personally, to make it in one piece.

stone road played one of its final three gigs on saturday night – at a fire company in northern berks county. it went well, actually – the sound was good, i could hear all the vocals really well, and my guitar sound was back into the zone it’s been missing for the past few shows. i brought my dillion sunburst les paul standard to the gig, and i found myself wondering why i’ve been leaving that at home in favor of my goldtop…what a great guitar. it’s lighter than most guitars its size, very resonant, and it just screams when you open it up.

i was watching (but ultimately didn’t bid on) a set of seymour duncan antiquity humbuckers on ebay as a result of playing that guitar last night…i was going to buy them and save them for one of the ’61 SG copies that are due in sometime in late january, but i’m not so sure that i’ll need them for that guitar…i think i’ll reserve judgement until i’ve gotten a chance to play it, once it’s here.

i met and talked to the lead singer from vertigo vibe last night for quite a while, and i noticed when i was talking to him that the only guitars i had brought to the show last night that weren’t dillions were the strat and telecaster that keith amos built for me…i brought the goldtop and the sunburst standard, the firebird, the tv yellow les paul junior, the jaguar…and keith’s guitars, plus my trusty gibson lap steel. at the end of the night, i took the lap steel out front, laid it down on a table, and started playing it with a stray beer bottle that was sitting on the table i stopped at.

i’m such a campy bastard sometimes.

i did actually enjoy myself last night, though…i seem to have forgotten that this band is on its way into the twilight, soon to be swallowed into oblivion – for a couple of hours, anyway. there were some nice moments last night, and i felt comfortable with my own sound (with a few exceptions) for most of the night.

everyone is starting to formulate their plan, though. donnie told me that he’s putting together a new version of his old band, and asked if i was interested in doing that….keith told me that he was playing with black hills now, and that jerry had asked if i’d be interested in doing that…pete from shame was at keith’s shop while i was there on saturday, and we talked about my involvement in some of the shame shows after the record came out to thicken the band up somewhat…and the ragu project is hanging over my head, as well…

oddly, though, the one thing i seem to be looking forward to the most right now is having all my weekends off for a couple of months after the first of the year.

this weekend has been a prime example of why.

as usual, i set out with a shitload of stuff on my “to-do” list for the weekend, and ended up accomplishing a fraction of what i had wanted to…i started off strong – washed every dish in the house and every piece of clothing i owned, started doing some reorganizing in the studio…but i had a gig on wednesday night…a gig on friday night…a gig on saturday night….and for me, a gig is usually a guaranteed sleep-in the next day until at least eleven o’clock the following morning. i got up early on saturday to make breakfast for dylan as i’d promised the night before, and stopped at keith’s for a bit, but that was it. today i slept until 10:30, thursday i don’t even remember what time i ended up getting out of bed…

…the weekend wasn’t a waste of time, by any means, but i feel like it had a lot more potential than the end result would indicate.

i did, however, make sure that my kids enjoyed it about as much as it was probably possible for them to. even if i didn’t wash a damn thing, i think that would make it a success…but i do think that i thought i’d feel as though i accomplished more when this night rolled around.

it’s all good, though…i do have a pretty focused list for the upcoming week…and it really is out of necessity. i gotta narrow down the things that i need to get done (especially in the early part of the week) and get through them…i’m being dragged into that pre-holiday scramble to make sure that everything arrives when it should (thus avoiding what’s referred to nowadays as the Christmas Disaster of 1999).



i’ll try to be funny tomorrow.


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