now playing: crosby, stills, nash and young, “tell me why”


the best gifts have nothing to do with christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, none of that.

the best gifts are the ones you get that have no occasion or expectations attached to them.

todd came over this morning with a handful of CD’s, one of which was a pristine soundboard recording of a 1970 CSNY show at the Fillmore. it sounds amazing, and while it’s obviously from the same tour as the famous lakehurst, nj show (the “one thing the blues ain’t is funny” show), it sounds better than any of the other boots i’ve heard from that 1970 tour.

now that i’m at work by myself, i’ve been listening to tell me why very loudly, over and over again, for a few spins now.

i know i already owe my blog a lengthy, explanatory poco post, but i think at some point i have to do my lengthy CSNY post, too…they’ve just been written into so many of the rings of my tree – what an amazing band they were.


dashed hopes and missed opportunities always make great fodder for writing, huh?

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