one rehearsal left



now playing: super seventies internet radio


one more nik everett rehearsal before the big “coming out” party.

it’s commonplace in the music industry for an artist to have a “cd release party” on the release date of the record. i don’t know where this whole thing got started, any more than anyone could tell you where this tradition of the “dollar dance” originated at wedding receptions. strange stuff. BUT – once again, i digress.

anyway, the band plays the record – live – for the folks who come to the party, who typically pay a single cover price for admission to the show and a copy of the brand spankin’ new record.

and thus it shall be with nik, on friday, october 1st at the point in bryn mawr, pa at 7pm.

i must say, the band is coming together nicely – we have mostly old pros in this incarnation, with the exception of anton, the bass player…a band of this caliber is a first for him, but i gotta give him credit – he’s busting his balls to be ready for this gig. besides myself, he’s the only other vocalist amongst the sidemen, and he’s having some confidence issues, but he’s coming along.

tonight was the first night of rehearsals for our keyboard guy, leigh goldstein…although he’d been playing with nik one-on-one for a while, and he’s a great fit. he recognized me right away, but couldn’t place me for a while…finally at the end of the night, i put an end to his head scratching and told him where he remembered me from.

he chuckled and said, “man…i thought you were dead.”

so, after rehearsal, it was agreed that i, tom hampton, truly am the Snake Pliskin of the philadelphia music community.

(for those not in the know, snake was the principal character in that wondrous piece of 70’s cinema, escape from new york. every time his name was mentioned aloud, it was invariably met with “pliskin…yeah, i’ve heard of you….i heard you were dead.”)

tonight will be stone road rehearsal – and i have to ask about whether or not i can swap nights with jill to get the kids on friday night instead of tomorrow. i would really prefer to get them on friday and take them to a movie or something enjoyable, as opposed to taking them to rehearsal with me.

this weekend i know i’ll be working on saturday, then gigging saturday night…and next week i might have my first actual recording session downstairs. i have some friends coming over to record some music for a wedding…very low key, and it’s people i know…good way to ease into it.

i’m gonna spend a big chunk of the next couple of weeks getting some of my more neglected guitars whipped back into playing shape, too.

right now, though, i’m takin’ my sad ass to bed…to dream about the prospect of making another record. i’m starting to itch in that particular part of my brain again. i think i’m going to record some covers that i’ve always wanted to do and see if anything comes of that first, though.

i still have to finish sorting through and unearthing some of the stuff i want to post on the download page on the website.

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