work, interrupted



now playing: jackson browne, “late for the sky”


…speaking of being “late for the sky”…i guess you could say that cat stevens would have fallen into that category yesterday…

apparently mr. stevens has the distinction of having been placed on uncle sam’s “no fly” list…which created a bit of a stink when it was determined that he happened to be onboard a plane headed for dulles international airport.

i will be strong, and i will resist the overwhelming temptation to work a really bad “peace train” pun into this report…

posting has been a bit light of late – and for this i apologize. i have a ton of stuff on my plate at work at the moment, and an equal amount of things on my mind that i’d like to take the time to ruminate over, but i can’t seem to maintain a train of thought for very long before i’m interrupted these days…

i had to apologize to my kids this morning when i dropped them off for school – we got home last night, ate dinner…and jayda went out to the porch to talk on the phone and dylan sat down to do his homework, so i went over and sat down on the sofa nearest the front door (having just told jayda that if she heard so much as heavy breathing from anyone that i wanted to know ASAP), and fell asleep…and slept there until after 11 o’clock. dylan apparently woke me at some point to tell me that he’d finished his homework and was going to bed, but i don’t even remember that.

there are times when i just go and go and go and go until i completely run out of gas and i end up sleeping straight through from the end of one workday to the beginning of the next…it doesn’t happen often, but when it happens on my nights with the kids, i feel highly guilty about it – i don’t want to waste the time that i have with them snoozing on the sofa.

i’m going to try to swap thursday for friday with their mom so that we can do something together to make up for it…

i’m having some serious flashbacks to an ill-fated phone call from seven years ago as a result of rachel’s most recent posting, and i’m not sure how, or if, i should elaborate on any of that…her situation sounds eerily familiar to that of someone i was once romantically involved with, and i don’t really know if i want to drudge any of that up just now.

not that i won’t eventually, though…but right now, i have to revive a couple of corpses and get them back out onto the floor before i hear about it from outside of the department.

i hate when work intrudes on my introspection time.

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