of warren zevon



now playing: dan fogelberg and tim weisberg, “paris nocturne”



came in early this morning, involuntarily…as today is my first day of school. the kids started back yesterday, but this morning was my first day to take them to the bus stop…so i had a very relaxing drive in to work, as i had no reason whatsoever to be in a hurry.

i’m remembering a t-shirt i saw once….”it sure makes for a long day at work when you show up on time.”

amen, brother.

so i came in and sat down and went through my usual morning internet stops….it seems that one of a handful of my most recent set of favorite reads, spencer, went on a caffeine binge that tossed him into (in his words) a five hour “nauseated haze”…he bought a six pack of jolt at a bargain price and drank all of them in a two hour window. (for those who read labels, that’s 720mg of caffeine in what could be called one shot.)

as i was sitting here chuckling at his misfortune, i remembered an interview that jackson browne gave bill flanagan for the late, great musician magazine, where he told a story about warren zevon‘s experience with herbal tea…amazingly, i found a snippet of it on the internet:


JB: “Zevon tole me that he’d had this sort of conniption fit at the airport…I think it was because of a herbal remedy given to him by a Chinese doctor friend of mine and David Lindley’s.  Chinese medicine – we’re talking very sophisticated drugs made with herbs. You’re supposed to drink half a cup of this tea, get under the covers and sweat it out. Well Warren of course , says “If half a cup will make you better…” So he drinks cup after cup of this stuff. Then he’s going to get on a plane and go to New York! He has a seizure!

So as he’s going down, and the medics are putting that thing in your mouth that keeps you from swallowing your tongue, he says, “my last thought was, ‘Oh, God, please don’t let me die and have Jackson write a song about me!’

I had just come from crying my eyes out with Paul Barerre and Billy Payne at the Lowell George memorial concert – I left there and went up to Warren’s house and he said that to me.

Just for that I will definitely write a song about Warren.”

BF: whether he dies or not?

JB: “especially if he dies.”


so be careful, huggy bear…i may have to write a song about you.


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