my teenage twin



now playing: nik everett, “the rest doesn’t matter”

there seems to be this cloud of Offspring Turmoil hanging over the room in which i’ve spent the day…my shopmate is having a huge fight with her freeloader married-with-children son, whose shiftless wife is becoming a wedge between the two of them…and i’m having some Son Issues of my own.

i found out today – five days after the fact – that he took money from a wallet that his mom’s boyfriends’ 5 year old son found in front of their house and divided it up between himself and his friends. i use the word “divided” in a pretty liberal sense…there was a total of $43 in the wallet…dylan gave a dollar each to his three co-conspirators and kept the two twenties for himself.

this isn’t a new development….i’ve talked before about his liberties with the truth. it hasn’t gotten any better.

some days, he makes jon lovitz’s saturday night live character look like george washington at the cherry tree. this, plus there are problems he seems to have at his mothers’ house that i don’t have…and i got to listen to a phone call between the two of them via my answering machine that didn’t shut off this week, which was pretty telling….he’s very short with his mother, and you can hear the rage in his voice when he talks to her. there’s something pretty scary that comes out in his voice when you hear him talk to her.

there are some obvious questions that probably come to the minds of outsiders when they read things like this, and trust me – i’ve answered most of them many times over. yeah, there are what would seem to be simple solutions to some of these problems, but the whole situation is rather complex. and at the points at which i’ve just had to chomp off a big bite of this, i’m not prone to wax on about it much…

suffice to say, there are some rough, adolescent waters ahead for this family.

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