kill the fire and turn to the sun



now playing: dan fogelberg, “face the fire”


one of my absolute favorite guitar solos, the end of that song…builds perfectly to the end of the song.

at some point, though, i gotta turn this off and brush up on my nik everett a little bit…first full band rehearsal tonight.

anyway, a couple of things today – last night, my buddy blake sent me a link to a blog article that quoted dan’s mother in the peoria journal star, saying that the cancer had spread to his bones, and that he was undergoing experimental treatment at Harvard Medical Center…first with hormone therapy and a nutrition program, then a new form of chemotherapy (“not the kind that tears you up”, his mother said). today, though, dan’s official site refuted much of the article, saying that “the quotes attributed to my elderly mother not only misrepresent the extent of my illness, but also the treatment involved“. (you can read the original peoria journal star article here and another news article referring to it here.)

i wonder how much of this is typical celebrity posturing posing as rumor control, personally…it’s certainly hard, from the outside, to separate truth from fiction, and i find myself torn between wanting to know everything that’s going on out of my own sense of concern for one of my heroes…and maintaining a distance and taking in the news as it becomes available and quelling my curiosity out of respect for his always-guarded privacy. that idiotic “inquiring minds want to know” phrase seems to come to mind…

this whole thing just sucks.

my buddy mitch is clamoring for poco stories…which i’ll probably oblige later today. i need to get out of this room for a while first.

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