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wendy brought home the first season of six feet under last week, and i’m firmly convinced at this point that it’s probably the best show on TV right now. i used to watch it pretty religiously when we still had HBO (before the great purge of the pay channels), and lost interest when it wasn’t around anymore, as i typically do with TV. it’s not terribly often that i’ll allow myself to ignore all the things around me that need my attention and sink into the sofa and indulge myself with tube time…it’s just hard for me to relax if something’s pressing on my “to do” button. and to clarify – it’s not so much an OCD type disorder as it is a matter of tending to basic needs. it’s generally more of a “do i want to watch tv or have clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow?” more than a “how can i waste my time watching tv when i haven’t alphabetized the soup cans in the cupboard yet?” thing.

and yes, i am aware of a person (who happens to sit just to my right, through a wall) who actually does that…alphabetizes his soup cans.

so i got a tip that there’s a relatively cheap pickup truck for sale in ephrata that might fit my (nonexistant) budget, so i think we’ll go have a look after work tonight. good excuse to go to boehringer’s, too, since it’s on the way. i also need to drop off the videos from the weekend as well (one time when i did blow everything else off to sit on my ass and watch movies with my kids was this past week when we all went and rented movies together…)

wendy is heading off for maine and massachusetts for labor day weekend (plus part of the week after), so i’m gonna have large chunks of alone time over the weekend to finish up some household stuff (building dylan’s new bunk beds and getting the garage/workshop in order, as well as helping jayda situate her room the way she wants it), and after all the headway made this past weekend, it’ll be a long stride towards finally making the place feel more like home than storage space.

this has been another of those “time-delayed” attempts at sitting down and writing something…i open up Notepad, and start scribbling, and the phone rings, and then i start scribbling, and someone comes back to the shop with a printer problem, and i resume scribbling and the phone rings again, and i dash off to help someone restart their machine to clear a program error (yeah, it’s true…i have callouses on my palms from the hand-holding that i do on a daily basis)…so i think i’m going to abandon this particular attempt at coherency before it becomes all too obvious that there’s much more of a lack thereof…

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