now playing: nik everett, “excellent night”


i’m never, ever gonna get outta here.

i don’t know if it’s worth it to even go into the chronology of what’s taken place at work this past week, but suffice to say, it’s been downright ugly. beyond ugly, really…i was here last night until midnight. tonight, same thing. i’m in the position of blowing off band practice and my kids to camp here late tonight and gut a server and rebuild it. this said with the knowledge that once i’ve removed the offending parts, i’ll be installing them in another machine for the purpose of troubleshooting – and dropping them back into the server and transferring the data again once the problems have been rooted out.

good thing i like what i do, for the most part.

not sure too many other people in my circles like what i do right now, though.

it probably goes without saying, but the resultant lack of sleep has conjured some interesting dreams in the midst of the few hours i’ve managed to close my eyes this past week. i’m not sure if i even want to get into any of that at the moment….probably requires a bit more time than i know i have at the moment.

the thing is, this is just a spike on the radar…if my boss gets his way and we move completely to a windows network environment, complete with exchange, SQL server, and all the bells and whistles, it’s going to become much more interesting.

the length of this post and the observation that i just don’t seem to have anything else to write about at the moment would be a good indicator that i should probably just shut the hell up until i have something else to say.


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