update on george grantham



now playing: poco, “and settlin’ down”


so as of today, grace grantham (george’s daughter) says that george is coming around, and he’s moving his left arm and leg a little bit…this is wonderful news, for fans as well as those of us who know george personally.

i talked to my friend jon (who does their artwork these days, including the cover of their most recent record, running horse as well as promotional material), and he said that he’d been moving the fingers on his left hand a bit the day before. jon, by the way, rode to the hospital in the back of the ambulance with george when he fell ill during the show on thursday night. the initial prognosis, jon told me, was pretty grim…but in the time that’s passed since then, he’s fought back quite a bit.

i got a report from the show last night in barnstable that they opened the show acoustically (they were using a pickup drummer), and that rusty told the crowd what had happened….”we almost didn’t make it tonight…”

he asked everyone to say a prayer for george that night before they went to bed, and went on to talk about how he had been playing with george since he was seventeen years old…at that point, he had to choke back some tears and actually turned his back on the crowd for a minute to compose himself.

that just kills me.

at some point, once this has all passed, and george is back to being george again and all is well, i’ll post the whole story of my involvement with this band on my blog for you. i don’t even feel like getting into it right now.

if, as jackson browne said once, our lives could be viewed like the rings of a tree, then there’d be a set of rings very close to the middle that would be pretty heavily poco-centric.

right now, in 2004, three of the four members are guys who’ve been with the band for over 30 years, with george and rusty being original members….they just released their first album in over ten years, and only a couple of months ago did a show at the Belcourt Theatre in nashville that was taped for a DVD release. richie furay, the man most consider to be the founder of the group, joined them there for a large chunk of the show as well.

everything has been going their way lately. they’re not charting or keeping britney spears awake at night, but there was a period when they weren’t doing much…taking gigs here and there and just kinda marking time…

but getting george back in the band seemed to revitalize them.

and…i’ll go ahead and say it here…jon rosenbaum and i were largely responsible for george’s return to the poco fold.

it’s really a long story….a great story, but a long one…and i’m just gonna have to save it for later.

i will tell it, eventually, though…i promise.

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