speaking of what “i heard”…



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so my daughter was absolutely brilliant last night.

last night was her awards banquet/talent show that i mentioned before…she won two separate academic awards in algebra (WTF? who knew?) and in composition/literature. i do plan to follow through on my threat to post her essay here as soon as i get my hands on it in digital form….it’s amazing work for someone her age. hell, it’s pretty damn good for someone of any age, based on some of what i see in my cybertravels.

she sang a song that she wrote with one of the tutor/counselors (tc’s) for the talent show, and the place went nuts. i do wish that the guy running the show would’ve mentioned that they wrote the song together, but i think that most of the kids knew that already.

she was in her element last night – i gave her the videocamera (her videocamera, after all) during dinner and she was going from table to table, interviewing the other kids…she had a smile on her face all night long, cheering and screaming when her friends got awards…there was a “students and staff only” dance afterwards, and i was threatening to stay for it, much to her dismay – but i relented and left when the ceremony was over.

she and i were cracking up for most of the night…early on, during dinner, she was pouring tea into her glass and said, “i’m not very good at this pouring stuff”, which i heard as “i’m not very good at this porn stuff”…

then later, during the awards themselves, she leaned over as a girl got up to accept an award, followed by a young man who had been called right after her…she said to me, “that’s her boyfriend, but they’re not allowed to see each other because her mom doesn’t allow her to have boyfriends…”

which i heard as, “that’s her boyfriend, but they’re not allowed to sleep together because her mom doesn’t allow her to have boyfriends….”

now whether it’s entirely faulty, rock-and-roll hearing or parental paranoia is open to debate, i guess…but my guess is that it’s probably a mixture of the two.

great time, though…even enjoyed the ride there and back with Mom.

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