now playing: aunt pat, “nixon”


well, today it’s raining like hell again…and for some reason, we’ve lost connection to the internet at work.

(i always write my blog entries in notepad and then drop them into the text box in blogger after it’s finished…)

the funny thing is that i was gonna try to get a jump on assembling the studio this weekend – but i think i’m gonna take advantage of this opportunity to see what happens in the area where the rain came in the last time to see if anything happens there.

that worries me.


it looks like i may be taking on a couple of mentors/students soon.

a bass player, mutual friend of blakes’, wants me to give his wife some dobro pointers…and the guy who runs shipping and receiving here at work has a teenage son whos’ enamoured with learning to play guitar, and he may be showing up on my doorstep soon as well.

ah, well….i’ve been surfing the ‘net, taking in some blogs that i’ve never read…some that will be showing up on my sideboard soon. it’s time for some new blood.

i had to steal a shirt from the folks in personnel today, since i obviously still haven’t mastered the culinary skill necessary to successfully eat a meatball sandwich from the vending machine in the cafeteria.

DOH! would be a little too obvious at this point, i think.

ok – 5 o’clock is closing in fast. i must make an honest attempt to get out of here at a decent hour today.

thoughts are rattling around in my head, not holding still long enough to make the trip down my arms to my fingers.

inner-cranial ricochet syndrome.

i bet it’s hereditary, too.


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