vehicular disenchantment



now playing: ambrosia, “holdin’ on to yesterday”


hmmmm….would that today be better than yesterday?

maybe…but not likely.

the flaming PC has been replaced, but the flighty young lady who was assigned to it apparently is rather network-ignorant, and can’t really be bothered to save her work to network (read: safe) drives or directories…therefore, i’ve been tasked with trying to save whatever may have resided on the newly kingston-charcoalesque machine.

i can’t exactly plead guilty to being in much of a hurry, though…i don’t find other peoples’ stupidity to be very motivating. besides, the lesson may sink a few layers deeper if she sweats an additional day or two.

a PC that i worked on for a full day has started blue-screening, indicating an inaccessible boot device. i tried to run the repair option from the win2k disk, only to find that windows sees the drive partitions as “unformatted or damaged”. i did not, however, make the mistake of storing anything there that i don’t have anywhere else.

so, yeah…i’ll have to set it up again, but that seems a little less painful knowing that all my actual data is safe.

in other news…

i think my infatuation with my volkswagen van is about to come to an end.

i mentioned a while back that i ended up firing my longtime mechanic after the most recent malfunction, due to his letting it sit on his lot, unattended and ignored, while i carpooled with wendy for almost a month…waiting all the while for him to get to it.

well, i’ve been driving it since getting it back…it has a pretty severe oil leak, but as long as i’ve been keeping it filled, it’s been getting me from point A to point B. but i’ve gotten to the point of becoming seriously tired of the grunts and groans from various areas of the underside of the old girl, and – depending on how much the bill comes to from my newly annointed M.D. (Mechanical Doctor), i may end up putting it on the block and leaping into the market for something newer and, unbelievably enough, less desirable.

i’ve always rationalized (and tempered) my argument for driving the old girl with the “i don’t have a car payment” rationale…but when it’s in the shop four, five, six times a year, that becomes a hard argument to stand behind. maybe it’s not going to ford motor credit, but you most certainly do have a car payment, buddy.

and having just talked to my buddy mitch this very second, it appears that he happens to know someone in the philadelphia area who might be able to help me find something down the road…his buddy fernando just bought an old government-owned (read: unmarked police car) vehicle for a pretty attractive price, so i’ll keep that filed away in the back of my head.

every day when i get in the van to come to work, i feel a palpable increase in tension and my legs tighten up…as if my body is anticipating the seemingly inevitable collapse of the engine before it makes it to wherever i might be going. i’ve been borrowing wendys’ car for after-work appointments and the like, and i’ve been somewhat hesitant to take it in to be fixed until the spectre of the old chestnut street house has cleared from over my head. we still have stuff there that has to be cleaned out, and the more time we allow to pass, the more it bothers me. yet again this weekend, there’s a stone road gig that will essentially render one day of the weekend useless, so it cuts in half the amount of time i can devote to trying to slay this particular dragon.

this particular tail-chasing phase has to come to a close soon.

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