now playing: dan fogelberg, “more than ever”



that’s really about the only word for it…blah.

i haven’t really come to terms with the concept of being awake, and it’s after 11am. granted, it was after 1am when i went to bed, but this “blah” syndrome is becoming more and more common of late. probably a combination of getting older and the total disrespect i’ve shown my health for most of my days coming around for payback.

it’s working – i have zero energy at the moment. today at work our email server refuses to run at under 95% utilization and as such, no one is having much luck getting into their email…so the phone has been ringing at a pretty steady pace all day. that on top of trying to get my “utility pc” in the shop back online with more storage, so i can run backups to the hard drive on it…all done with the supreme motivation of stephen wright on nyquil.

i think i’m going to be taking the 25th of the month off…i’m definitely going to need more than a day to pull this move off. i should probably start recruiting soon, too – although i’m not sure if i’m going to need to or not yet, since i haven’t done an official deal with jamie yet, save for reserving the date and committing to hiring him.

jayda has an orientation saturday morning at kutztown university, and then i have to go to the annual mengel birthday bash afterward…but the rest of the weekend will be spent packing.

also, a word about the redesign of the journal – it’s for no other reason than to blend better with the general color scheme of the rest of my website. the forum will be undergoing a similar change very, very soon. then all will at least give the impression of concern on my part…hopefully….

i still can’t get over how tired i am these past couple of days.

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