tension and peace



now playing: the voices in my head…


i remember once, a long time ago, jayda and dylan were accompanying me on a trip to find a christmas tree…on the way home, we were discussing where to put it in the cramped apartment that i called home at the time…

i made a statement along the lines of, “we should have it in whatever room we spend the most time in.”

dylan, in character, replied…

“then maybe we should just put it in the van.”

a few minutes ago, i was making the fifteen minute trek home from work (i had to go in to finish what i left by leaving at an hour that would ensure i’d be able to make my gig)…during that fifteen minutes, i listened to “losing you” by marti jones, “to love is to bury” by cowboy junkies, and “something to believe in” by shawn colvin…after the last song, i had to turn the stereo off. there was nothing that could’ve followed that song anyway. it was the perfect way to finish this crazy day.

and as i drove home tonight, in the light fog that lay all around me, without another car on the road to contend with, i felt like i could probably live in the car if i had to.

i feel pretty content right now…i got through everything i had to do today, and i feel like i have a plan for the weekend, and all feels right with the world.

tonight, donnie was late getting to the carnival we’d been booked to play, and it made for a pretty tense night…but dylan got up and played with us to start off the second show, and things had relaxed somewhat by then. there wasn’t much of a crowd due to the threat of rain, but by the end of the night, we’d regained our footing.

we closed the night with me putting my antique gibson lap steel guitar down on the front of the stage, jumping off the edge, and playing it with a metal folding chair, WWF style.

that certainly worked off a bit of the tension of the week…the look on darryl’s face was priceless.

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