inclined to agree

now playing: beavis and butthead on MTV2

well…let’s review.

i was supposed to go look at my friend justin’s house today…he told me yesterday that he’s moving to seattle, and is trying to rent his house, which is a duplex and considerably larger than my current house, with a finished basement. part of the reason for my interest is that justin is a musician as well, and also has a fully functioning studio in his house…so i’m obviously interested in finding out what the place is like. this, plus a somewhat confrontational situation with a next door neighbor over the neighborhood kids making too much noise (!!?!??!!??) have combined to negate, somewhat, the spectre of having to pack and move again…which i swore i’d never, ever do again unless i actually bought a house (which will never again happen for me as a resident of the reading, pa area. this isn’t home for me.).

anyway, he gave me his number and directions, and i have no idea what the hell i did with this information…i even drove back to work today to see if i left it there, and i can’t find this page of legal pad paper anywhere. so, not only did i not make it to justins’, i didn’t have his phone number to call him to tell him why, or to get directions again.

so justin probably thinks i’m a dick. and i’d be inclined to agree with him.

i woke up this morning to a phone call from barry, saying that our gig has been cancelled and resheduled for tomorrow at the same time.

so, groggy from sleep, i call him back to get the story, and he tells me that they had a rain date from the outset, and that due to the weather, we’d have to play tomorrow.

now, this creates a problem for me, as the gig is from 5pm to 8pm, and wendys’ plane arrives in philadelphia at 6:50pm. i was also supposed to teach a computer class tomorrow at 3 pm to a couple of people who’ve bought PC’s from me recently.

so i’m gonna have to cancel on them, from the looks of things.

so they’ll probably think i’m a dick. and i’d be inclined to agree with them.



i tried to call wendy, got her voicemail…and i’m sitting here, stewing, trying to brainstorm…when jayda calls and asks when i’m coming to pick her up.

now, i’m totally focused on gig mode at the moment, and had totally forgotten that i had told her that i wanted her and dylan to come along to look at justins’ house…but i had also asked her if she wanted to come sing with me at the gig at the bandshell…

so i said to her, “sorry, honey, but the gig’s been postponed ’til tomorrow…you can come with me then if you want to…”

now, jayda’s talking about looking at the house and i’m talking about her sitting in at the gig, and i’m totally not getting that she’s on a different page than i am…and i didn’t realize it until much later when the lightbulb went off over my head and it occured to me that this was what she was expecting to me to pick her up to go see justin’s house.

so, jayda probably thinks i’m a dick. and i’d be inclined to agree with her.

anyway, i’ve been thinking all day about who might be available to pick wendy up from the airport…samantha isn’t an option, because she’s a complainer when it comes to driving, and i just don’t wanna hear it. blake? i think blake is going to the airport himself this weekend to get on a plane…i may call him tomorrow, though, if no other option avails itself. i thought about asking donnies’ girlfriend faye – i’m pretty sure she knows the turf, but i don’t know if she’s a viable candidate or not…

i left wendy a voicemail over fourteen hours ago, and haven’t heard from her yet. i had her number at her grandmothers’ place, but i can’t find that either.

there are two worst case scenarios here – either i blow off the gig, or wendy sits at the philadelphia airport for two hours until i get there to pick her up.

so tomorrow, either wendy or my bandmates are gonna think i’m a dick…and i’d be inclined to agree with them.

right now, i’m praying like hell that it continues to rain so the gig disappears altogether.

tampa bay beat calgary to force a game 7 in the stanley cup playoffs – i switched allegiance to tampa bay after nieminen’s dirty hit on lecavalier in game 4…that, and the fact that dave andreychuk has been playing in the nhl since my junior year in high school and still hasn’t won a stanley cup…but the dirty hits just piss me off. nieminen was suspended for game 5 for his hit, and that’s not the first time. and, true to form, simon put a hit on st. louis tonight that was just as dirty, although probably not a suspendable hit…

just play the game, man. play the goddamn game and hit fair.

tampa bay won, though. not so for smarty jones.

i can’t remember the last time i watched a horse race. in fact, i’m not sure i ever have. but i turned on the belmont today, to see if our local hero would pull out the triple crown…and my heart sank when he lost it in the stretch.

did i say fuck already?

i’m going to try to be resolute in not joining the throng of pontificators who will no doubt wax poetic over ronald reagan for a length of time to be determined…but it’s a hard subject to avoid at the moment…

during the time that reagan was president, i wasn’t overtly concerned with politics…when he took office, i was a sophomore in high school – by the time he was out, i had gotten out of a four year navy hitch and had moved here to pennsylvania and gotten a job and joined the working class. i thought iran/contra was pretty shady, and in retrospect it almost seems as if he singlehandedly invented deficit spending in government…but i liked the guy. i thought he was charismatic, and funny even. not that those are necessarily great leadership traits, but i had a hard time disliking him personally. i saw him in a motorcade once, when i was stationed in washington at the pentagon, and my stomach flipped…i was stopped in a car behind a cop who had blocked off the street i was driving down, and i wasn’t expecting anything like that. but then again, i saw caspar weinberger walking down the steps of the pentagon once that year as well…guess it’s the law of averages, when you live and work in Oz.

anyway, i guess i just feel like another component of my youth is gone.

on a totally unrelated subject, i just saw brad paisley‘s video for “celebrity” today and nearly pissed my pants. it really is that funny.

not so funny is the reality of what it must mean that i’m starting to watch vh-1 country with an ever-increasing frequency lately…

i think i must be a dick. and i’d be inclined to agree with me.

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