just a couple of thoughts….

now playing: jars of clay, “frail”

…before i scramble out the door…

first one would be that in my own personal, invented version of heaven, this song would be playing softly in the background at the end of most days. might have to revisit this one before bedtime.


my son called a minute ago, and wants me to pick him up after work – keep in mind that the kids have been with me every day since thursday. six straight days, and he wants to come back tonight.

i have to go to keiths’ after work to pick up my gretsch, and dylan wants to come along.

this is the last week of school here. jayda is on a trip to dorney park today with some classmates…dylan went to hersheypark last week in a torrential downpour that actually let up somewhat after the morning passed…

i’ve said it before…i’ve been looking forward to the end of this school year more than i ever remember looking forward to it as a child.

dylan got a 100% on his lap steel guitar science project, an 89 on his WebQuest project, and an A on his third project. I’m a little concerned, though, about how a cheating scandal that affected his entire class is going to affect his reading grade.

they don’t get their report cards until after schools’ out…in the mail.

what a cop-out. i had to carry mine home, in hand, before the end of school.

did more pictures today, while reformatting and refurbishing the operations managers’ laptop…i think that my nightmares will soon be populated by a monster with a huge head and two Photoshop icons for eyes….

blogger: i’ve been fighting off the urge to migrate to movable type for some time now, and the only tangible thing keeping me from doing so has been good old fashioned laziness…

but i’ll tell ya what – if you don’t soon fix the error message that i get everytime i submit a post with my haloscan script in it, laziness will give way to frustration and i’ll be gone.

just tellin’ ya, man.

tomorrow night, my old roomate michael tolcher is back in town, playing at the trocadero in philadelphia – friday night, i’m sitting in with lil’ ragu, and saturday, stone road is playing a street fair in shoemakersville, at the bandshell. sunday, wendy comes home from maine…or, it could be said, comes back to PA from home.

the days have flown by….


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