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welcome to my 225th post.

i know this to be my 225th post, because the new blogger interface tells me how many there are every time i come here to pontificate.

ever since i left work today, i’ve felt this sense of calm that feels untruthful. i know, for instance, that i have to go in to work at some point this weekend and wrestle with the backup situation. but that doesn’t seem to bother me right now.

today, i finished the lions’ share of work on the guitar gallery section of my site, and i’ve gotta tell ya, it’s a bit overwhelming to look at the page with all the thumbnails of all the guitars i own and realize that every one of those belong to me. i kinda wonder where they all came from.

granted, they’ve been accumulating for over fifteen years, and every one of them has a purpose, their own character and their own reason for being part of the stable…but it just seems like a bit much. i would never have thought that there were that many of them.

i spent two weeks, literally, working on the pictures in photoshop, removing the crap in the background and trying to make the color represented in the pictures as close to the instrument as possible – then putting the pages themselves together…even though they’re nothing special, static HTML pages, it’s still time consuming.

met jayda’s new “steady” tonight. he’s a good kid.

talked to samantha for a while, too…shanna seems to be getting back to her old self, although she’s not too happy that she might not get to participate in cheerleading until august, after the spectre of her kidney stone situation has fully passed over her.

mike from shame came over after work, brought me a disc of roughs from the record they’re working on in philadelphia with shelly yakus. they’re doing great work. they’ve re-recorded some songs from previous records, which seems to be common for bands who feel as though they’re in a position to break new ground with an upcoming record that hasn’t been travelled with previous ones. garrison starr, for instance, seems to feel as though she has to record the song “superhero” on every fucking album she does. i like the song, i really do. but what does that prove?

anyway, mike is stopping by in the morning on the way to the studio to pick up a rickenbacker 12 string copy that i have to use on the record…so i should do the smart thing and take my ass to bed.


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