light at the end of the semester

now playing: tom petty, “straight into darkness”

well, i think i’ve said it before, but i’ll say it again…at no time in my life have i ever looked forward to school being out as much as i am this year.

another late night last night, helping dylan work on his recycled lap steel guitar and his civil war battle sketch project..

i finally sent him to bed at 1 am.

this morning, he was so tired and disoriented that he got up and put a pair of my pants on to wear to school…and had to be told that he had the wrong pants on.

i’ll bet we both sleep good tonight.

i remember this time of year when i was his age…the short day on the final day of school, the triumphant ride home on the bus with all the windows down…i seem to have this really vivid memory of sitting across the aisle from tammy daniels, whose house i used to be able to see from my front porch but was still a half mile away…that woulda been around seventh or eighth grade, i think…

roxy music comes to mind, too, for some reason…

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