wednesday mornin’ comin’ down….

now playing: john gorka, “night is a woman”

just wanted to say that i haven’t died, haven’t ended up in the hospital, haven’t walked into traffic or anything of the sort…

i have, however, just finished reinstalling windows on my home PC, which had developed too many quirks to mention, and i’m working on a number of projects at work which have precluded my having much of anything to say.

not that i don’t have anything to say, of course…

today, i had to wake dylan up before me to sit him down in front of the computer to finish a homework assignment due today.

i doubt that he has any idea how mentally exhausting it is to constantly look over his shoulder the way i’ve had to lately.

anyway….i should probably put him back on track….he’s getting out of the shower, so i have to resume the position…

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