now playing: john gorka, “my new neighborhood”


i knew this day was gonna suck, i just wasn’t sure how much.

lately, everyone needs a favor of some sort. a computer for this test program for the board shop, update the software that this computer uses for diagnostics, a special laptop with a serial port to run a DOS program that has historically run on a now-defunct x386 PC on someones’ test bench…

…it just never seems to end.

now, one of our salesmen has developed an outlook express anomaly that i can’t seem to duplicate on a machine in-house, and he’s in wisconsin, trying to read his email via the webaccess app, and is crying about it because it’s “cumbersome”.

i have so had enough of the crybaby parade that never seems to end here.

it seems to me that i work for network support…which insinuates (in my feeble brain with limited logical capacity) that we support the network…not the idiots who can’t seem to find their way around it. of course, i know the latter to be the truer statement, but it’s a notion i cling to in times like these.

i’m actually thinking about starting a blog specifically to address this particular aspect of my life…so i can rededicate this space to more personal matters.

maybe – maybe not. we’ll see.

anyway, guitars are taking over my house.

as this venture gets further underway, as capital becomes available and purchases are made, it’s becoming a real task to get from the front door to any destination past that point. it has become even more important to start taking an inventory of the items that clutter my home and starting to make some decisions about what goes and what stays.

it’s just that it’s such a huge undertaking that it never seems to get off the ground.

i’ve started a short-lived habit of getting out of bed on saturdays, showering, and going to hang out at keith amos’ shop for a few hours in the afternoon. he has a teenager there on weekends whos’ building an acoustic guitar as a class project, and he’s doing a damn good job. i’m jealous.

last weekend, i met another local player who i felt an almost immediate kinship with…great player, good chops, likes all the right players – and is just a joy to be around. the lot of us (myself, keith, dylan, and our new buddy, lil’ ragu) shot the breeze for most of the afternoon, and i went to see his band that night. they’re tight – really tight. he’s got some serious chops, too. it was a hoot watching him play. he’s not a rockstar, by any stretch of the imagination…in fact, he looks like someone i would have met at one of the infamous nocera family reunions…but he has a kind soul to go with the talent that he’s come by.

i could see keiths’ shop turning into a High-Fidelity-esque hangout for derelict guitar players like myself on saturdays…it’s that kind of hang.

my custom stratocaster should be done next week – it’d be done in time for the weekend, but keiths’ off on vacation as of today.

i can’t wait to tear into that bad boy.

lots of thoughts clouding my brain this past week, lots of stuff to sort through…i think that, in twenty or thirty years, that the days in which we live right now will be studied and discussed and analyzed and held up in much the same way the sixties are now. we are standing smack dab in the middle of a whirlwind, and the world around us is begging us to do the right thing.

continuing to turn a deaf ear to it is going to be our downfall.

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