now playing: october project, “paths of desire”

never mind. now playing – aunt pat, “satellite”.

quick transition. not that i’m complaining.

so, in the space of a few days, audition offers have come my way from a couple of different places…one in the form of an offer to play with an oldies group. it’s the usual drill – there’s one guy who was in the original group, and he’s putting a band together because he’s the last one alive and he owns the trademark to the band name (hint: their one and only hit song was 45 years ago…also the title of a john hughes movie)…i gotta wonder how legit the whole thing is in the first place, because you gotta figure – implying the benefit of the doubt and assuming said original member was 20 in 1959, that’d make him 65 now…and how much road work is a 65 year old guy gonna want to do?

more pertinent to my own situation is how many friggin’ times could i go out in a tux and play “sixteen candles” before they found my limp, lifeless body hanging in the shower stall of my hotel room window?

so i think i’ll be passing a “no, thanks” along to this well-meaning gent…when and if i hear from him again.

the other, more promising offer i’ve connected with is from a band that’s preparing to leave for a USO tour in about three weeks. they work very, very regularly, and the money is better than the nashville gig would’ve been (weekly salary money, that is).

the band is based in northern minnesota, but the members of the band live all over the place…the bass player lives in north carolina, for instance. they wouldn’t require that i relocate in order to sign on, which is a huge plus. i talked to the band leader this morning on the phone, and he seems pretty excited about what i have to offer…he all but stopped just short of telling me that he thinks i’m his guy, so this could have a realistic chance of happening.

but, of course, there’s an impending deadline by which i would need to make a decision and jump onboard. my favorite part. no time, really, to weigh this out and make a solid decision. again, the bus is pulling out and i have to jump on without thinking if i’m going along.

in this case, i have no idea yet what this band sounds like…or if it’s even something i’d want to do. my logical self wants to convince me that if they weren’t tight, then they wouldn’t be working as much as they are…but i know this doesn’t necessarily have to be true.

i have a fear…justified, in my own mind…of becoming involved with something successful that goes completely against the grain of everything i stand for musically…like getting a job playing guitar behind wayne newton or something equally cheesy. i guess you could equate it to wanting with all your heart to be a fighter pilot, for as long as you can remember, and getting a gig as a crop duster.

this is my fear.

now, i’m playing music that i enjoy playing, albeit to smaller crowds in smaller rooms and for smaller money. i just wonder what i’d be willing to sacrifice in terms of the music i’m playing to change all those other variables….

…something tells me that life is gonna force my hand and i’m gonna find out, whether i like it or not, sometime very soon.


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