rubber band man

now playing: shane nicholson, “nice to be here”

yeah, yeah, i know…but i’m still not even remotely tired of this record.

today’s quote from jayda to her beloved father:

“you are such an asshole…i love it!”

(of course, you know, i hear this all the time…)

today, she and six of her friends made a game of walking through the halls at school and then simultaneously falling all over each other. it was so funny the first time that they did it again in a different part of the school building.

i don’t know where she gets such behavior. i really don’t.

dylan, on the other hand, managed to inspire yet another email from mr. brown, this time for shooting a rubber band into the face of his lab partner in science class.

this is becoming a huge…huge problem.

there’s only one thing left for me to take from him. i guess it’s time for it to go.

i’m pissed at him for making me have to do this to him. i’m tired of having to beat him down on a disciplinary level – and i’d think he’d be tired of it too, by now.

apparently not, though.