top o’ the ninth…

now playing: andy gibb, “i just wanna be your everything”
(and mlb gameday – red sox 4, yankees 4, top 8th)

it’s come to this – following baseball on the internet from work. i’m truly hopeless, man. This has turned into a pretty good game, though…you can only get so emotionally involved in a game when you’re “watching” it via a java applet that reports the results of each pitch through a window on your desktop. of course, it could be argued that it’s tough to get emotionally involved in any game this early in the season to begin with.

and i’d be inclined to agree with that argument, most of the time. but this is the sox vs. the evil empire.

i’ve been struggling mightily to stay awake today – i had to come in last night and take care of some odds and ends, and to drop off an assload of cardboard for recycling. got home this morning and into bed at around 3:30am. we were scheduled for a visitor from a potential painter today, so i busted my balls to try and get the major parts of the house into a presentable state…wendy did her part and cleaned up the living room and was nice enough to run the vacuum over the area of the dining room floor that i was using to slice cardboard…now if i can just stay awake long enough tonight to do the dishes and some laundry, i’ll be thrilled.

less than a week until spring cleaning day. i can sleep soundly afterward in the knowledge that i can navigate the corridors of my home without fear of breaking something…hopefully.

this just in: boston goes into the top of the 9th with a 5-4 lead.

and they’re bringin’ in keith foulke to close.

today is the last game of the Sox/Yankees Fenway run, today is the boston marathon, and tonight the bruins play game seven of their stanley cup playoff with their rivals, the montreal canadiens…

…glad I’m not drivin’ home from work in beantown this afternoon.

oh, by the way…that 5-4 is a final now.

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