the transitional minute

now playing: carly simon, “anticipation”

had one small disaster dropped into my lap this weekend – a PC i upgraded for one of the top executives for the company where i hold court during the day can’t open up the files i restored from the pre-upgrade backup. seems that his wife was using an ancient version of wordperfect, and the new and improved (i shouldn’t even say “improved”, because i essentially replaced every important component inside the box) machine will not open the old files.

the old machine was an antique by nearly anyones’ standards – and the fact is, i wouldn’t have had to deal with it at all, save for the fact that he wanted it to have internet access via his newly installed wireless network. but, what with the machine running windows 95 with 16MB of memory, etc, etc, it weren’t havin’ none o’ that. so it had to be upgraded in order to deal with the wireless card that needed to be installed. otherwise, i never would’ve had to deal with it. now, though, the machine it is and the machine it used to be are worlds apart, and i’ve got a bit of a problem to deal with. there are some obvious solutions that come to mind, but it’s gonna take some time, and i’m not sure how much of that i have. we’ll soon see, i’m sure.

this was the transitional weekend here.

transitional, meaning that this was the weekend between actually hearing the heat kick on once or twice during the night to sleeping with zero bed covering on because it’s stinkin’ hot in the house. i already put jayda’s air conditioning unit in, and would’ve put dylan’s in as well, were it not physically impossible to get to that side of his room right now due to the huge amount of crap flung all over his room. just unreal.

i haven’t put ours in yet, either, but i doubt it’ll be very long before i will. i don’t do summer well. and, as per the usual transition here, it appears to have gone from too chilly to wear short sleeves outside for very long straight to jesus christ, can ya hand me a towel? without passing “go” or collecting two hundred bucks. this has become something of a tradition here. screw spring or fall…it’s either freezing or ridiculously hot. one or the other. no grey, just black or white.

i haven’t forgotten sweatin’ my ass off in nashville last summer, though…not feelin’ a huge need to jump back into that, either…

still majorly on the fence about that. have given that a lot of space inside my head this week/weekend. no closer to a plan now than i ever was.

jayda has informed me, however, that she wouldn’t mind being closer to the home of sonic.

neither would i, man.

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