wasted away again

em>now playing: lionel richie, “you are”

(and this, in a nutshell, may have been the real evil posed by the Napster era…when there’s that much free music available, you’ll download some awful shit just ‘cuz you can.)

i still feel, at 3:30 in the afternoon, as if i just woke up. pretty sad. but i haven’t gone to bed before 1 in the morning any night this week thus far.

tonight may or may not be any different.

we have a little ritual here in my town called spring cleanup…this is where the borough allows you to dump as much shit on your sidewalk as you want, and they take it away without charging you what would be an extra fee any other time of year.

let me tell ya how much i’m looking forward to this when it rolls around this year…i’m so ready to start throwing stuff out that i don’t know how to tell you just how excited i am about the prospect of uncluttering the house somewhat.

d-day is a week from friday.

in other news, i’ve just launched yet another domain – basementguitars.com. there’s a long, long story behind this, but i’ll try to narrow it down to the highlights.

some time back, i bought a really sweet copy of a rickenbacker 330/12 from an online auction, and out of that i forged a relationship with the company that was importing them into the united states. so solid, in fact, that i decided i would buy a few of them and sell them myself on eBay.

well, the reaction was swift and positive. within less time than it took for the auction to run its course, i had sold half a dozen of them.

and the happy ending would be inserted at this point, but there’s a twist…the guitars that i’d ordered to fill the sales didn’t actually exist. well, they existed, but they weren’t in stock. first they told me they’d have them in a couple of weeks, then the story changed to they’d only just ordered them and they were on a container on its way here from korea. well, unreasonable bastard that i am, i got just a little peeved. out of this experience of having been publicly humiliated and humbled to strangers who had trusted me to do the right thing by them, i decided that i could do this better if i just did it myself.

so i started doing some pretty intense research to try and find out what the source of these guitars might be. i had gotten an actual model number off one of the shipping containers, and i googled it…found a company in asia that carried the same guitars, under the “silver star” brand. so the next step turned out to be an exhaustive search of korean musical instrument manufacturers until i found one that branded their instruments with that name…then i started matching model numbers to make sure i had my man. everything looked perfect. so, this past monday, i called them to find out what the story was, and – sure enough – i had my man. so we exchanged a few emails at that point, and they’re sending me specs on their full product line. apparently, they manufacture guitars for a handful of very well known american interests – including gibson and dean and possibly others that they didn’t bother to mention on first contact.

so, while i was thinking that an initial order would be certainly multiple pieces, i wasn’t prepared for what their requirements were for the first one…long story short, it would require an investment of roughly $20K for the first shipment. so, in the time since, i’ve been recruiting partners for the venture, and it’s looking as though we may actually be able to pull this off.

when i told dylan about all this, his comment was, “dad…are we even gonna be able to watch tv anymore?” (meaning, “are the guitars gonna spill out into every crack and crevice in the house now?”)

this is a huge thing, to be sure…requiring a pretty serious investment of time and money. and all because i wanted to add a few pieces to my collection at some point in the hazy past. it has a lot of potential, though…the price they quoted me per piece for the models that we’re chiefly interested in is extremely attractive, and promises a kick-ass margin, depending on what our shipping ends up costing us.

it’s an exciting time…this is a promising venture, should we be able to pull it off.

other developments….

talked for quite some time last night to jim, the MD for the artist in nashville whom i’ve been entertaining thoughts of auditioning for – it doesn’t appear at this point that there’s going to even be an opportunity to audition until close to the end of the month. that, coupled with the fact that he’s got a couple of local people who are showing interest in the gig, could very well mean that this is a foregone conclusion at this point. certainly, stranger things have happened than something like this actually coming together in the eleventh hour, but they’ve got a pretty full itinerary and i can’t see them dragging this process out past the end of the month as it is. i had initially thought that this week would present the best opportunity for me to head down and do this, but this week is all but over at this point. next week, they’re leaving for the NM leg of their perpetual tour on wednesday, so that week is out – leaving the last week of the month.

dunno, man. i’m inclined to think that when that much time passes, either someone surfaces locally, or something else comes up. we’ll see.

in the meantime, i found out that the rigbees are looking for a guitarist, and they’re right in my backyard. might not be the kind of work that would be as lucrative and satisfying as actually gettin’ on the bus, but it’d be a nice change.

listening to me wring my hands over finding more work, you’d think i was sitting at home all the time…two bands aren’t enough for this guy, you might think…what the hell is his problem?

well, it’s not that there’s a problem, per se…i just feel as though for once in my life, i’d like to have the opportunity to get on the bus, so to speak. i know i’m good enough to be playing on that level, and i feel like it’s something i have to prove to myself. i feel as though i should be doing it if i’m capable of doing it. i think i’m getting to that point, now that 30 isn’t a fresh memory for me, that i feel like it’s time to prove it to myself before the window of opportunity closes and it’s no longer realistic for me to think about getting on the bus. and it just seems like a waste of the talent that i have to fritter it away playing rocky mountain way to a roomful of harley davidson enthusiasts every weekend.

i have more than that to offer…and i guess i just want to put it out there at some point.

no one wants to feel as though they’re wasting their talent…or their life, ultimately.

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