tired and nostalgic

now playing: blue oyster cult, “don’t fear the reaper” (with no added cowbell)

…so….last night was the broadcast of the 2004 rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony. made my heart swell to see jackson browne inducted, but was disappointed not only that david lindley didn’t make the trip, but that mark goldenberg didn’t make much of an effort to recreate the vibe that david created in ‘running on empty’. the only guitar players jackson has had that didn’t leave a lindley-esque void were kevin dukes and rick vito (who also played the amazing slide guitar solo on bob seger‘s ‘like a rock’). i never saw rick play with jackson, but i did see kevin dukes play with him, at the hammersmith odeon in london in 1986. great show.

had i posessed the energy last night, i’d have probably stayed up and watched almost famous, but i pooped out.

feeling very musically nostalgic lately, for a number of reasons…and not feeling particularly like discussing any of them right now.

goin’ home soon, i think.

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