office irrigation

now playing: clannad, “harry’s game”

i have a new favorite song for a little while, thanks to paste magazine and the CD that they include with the mag…others have tried this concept before, but invariably the included CD would have one, maybe two good songs and a shitload of critic-pleasing crap that forms an indignant rash on your ass.

paste, however, has gotten it right.

there are a few names on here that fans of this style of music would recognize – starsailor, jonatha brooke, matthew ryan, for instance…but the disc is dominated by artists that i was marginally familiar with or not at all.

i’m now a fan of a.j. roach, thanks to his song “grandaddy”, a tale of his whiskey-running grandfather and the community where he grew up. garrison starr is represented on the disc by a song called “gasoline” – jayda and i know her from a hit she had some years ago called “superhero” that i have a recording of jayda singing from ’97 or so…when she was seven.

the standout on this disc, for me, is shane nicholson and his song, “nice to be here”.

simply put, this is just an amazing song, recorded sparsely by a great singer. if neil finn of crowded house had come of age in los angeles in 1973 and had been a contemporary of the southern california mafia, this song would have been a likely result.

i’m considering picking up the whole album – he’s definitely got my attention.

i’m considering subscribing to paste, too.

so today is the day that we pack up the entire shop and move it out into the hallway while they scrape our nasty-assed carpet off the floor and replace it with clean, nasty-assed carpet. it’s the kind of thing you look forward to in the same sense as you would look forward to colon irrigation. the benefits are obvious enough, but that doesn’t make the mechanics of it any less dreadful. i haven’t even started to pack up the shop yet.

it’s gonna be a long night.


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