as the weekend approaches…

now playing: jimmie spheeris, “come back”

(before i get started – jimmie spheeris was an amazing talent. if you’ve never heard his early seventies masterpiece isle of view, you really owe yourself. you won’t regret it.)

well, let’s see…lots of nerve endings close to the skin at work today – managers’ meeting that preceded tomorrow’s (today’s?) companywide meetings that essentially equate to a small-scale State of the Union address was today (yesterday?).

while this kind of opportunity for a self-congratulatory ego stroke-orgy may not appear to require much effort on anyones’ part, it came quite close to breaking the spirit of Angela, assistant to every elitist exec in the front hallway. The centerpiece of the presentation is a PowerPoint slideshow that she puts together for this event every year. She was provided with zero information with regard to what went into said presentation until she came in this morning to find our CEO’s notes on her desk, with a post-it attached that said “more to come”.

meeting begins at 11:30…offsite.

after putting the initial presentation together and emailing it to me so i could burn it to disk, she was handed yet another change to add to it…at 11:20.

you can just imagine her state of mind at this point…

so as she’s adding it and i’m standing beside her desk, waiting for the word to go burn the corrected slideshow to disk, my boss comes sauntering back and asks in an offhand manner, “where’s the cd? joel said it was ready!”

i walked out. i didn’t want to be there to see the carnage.

Angela goes through her day with a smile on her face, all the while completing the most inane fucking tasks one human being could ask of another. she actually checks one exec’s mail for him! never complains, never gives the ever popular sigh and shake of the head while contemplating her superiors’ ineptness. never.

but they damn near broke her today.

she actually left at lunchtime close to tears to go see her daughter at her mother-in-laws’, and i wasn’t figuring on seeing her anymore today.

when i left for lunch, to make my routine pilgrimage to the supermarket across the highway, i bought a balloon that said “happy retirement!” on it and took it back and tied it to her PC keyboard.

in the meantime, i still have those five mysterious files from the backup that verified but never happened to try to locate – glenn’s brand new, formerly beer-soaked laptop has once again flatlined, and we’re looking another weekend of carpetlaying and PC/phone moving and re-moving right in the face.

i refuse to set illogical priorities for this weekend, though. i’m keeping it to two. cleaning out the basement, for one – and possibly getting started on the guitar rack for upstairs. that’ll make me happy if i can check that off my list.

and i think i’m gonna go give Angela a big hug tomorrow, too.


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