monday morning (you shore looked fine…)

now playing: kathleen edwards, “hockey skates”

but friday i’ve got travellin’ on my mind….

happy 50th birthday to the fender stratocaster!

other things on my mind this morning – what’s up with the republican national committee crying foul over’s tv ads? i guess it’s ok for assholes like tom delay to set up phony campaign fundraisers masquerading as childrens’ charities without reproach, but when a grassroots organization like brings together literally tens of thousands of donations from individuals (myself included) to try to raise a voice against the bullshit perpetrated by this administration, then there’s obviously some misdeed involved.

i think i’m probably gonna send moveon another $25 later today in the spirit of spitefulness. ‘cuz that’s just the way i am.

i’m still not sure what to think about the whole david crosby thing. i’m pretty sorely disappointed right now…and i feel as though he owes me a personal explanation – if you can believe that. i’ve invested a lot of moral stock in him.

things i learned this weekend:

if you’re feeling things out around you and decide to see what else is out there…you check out a few ads here and there – guitarist wanted for established band, etc. etc. – go with what your gut tells you after making initial contact. if something inside you is saying, “this is a total waste of your time”, then that voice is probably right.

save yourself the trouble.

chances are, it’s Greener Grass Syndrome to begin with. leave it alone.


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