now playing: silence, save for the soft whirring of the furnace through the vent…

today, everyone rose and showered and we took wendy for her honorary family birthday dinner. due to an unexpected online chat, samantha and shanna came along as well. shanna got a haircut recently and, although her mom says her jury is still out on it, i think she’s adorable. they herded us all into too small a place for the lot of us, but we had a good time. wendy got a huge brownie with a candle on it that she wasn’t expecting. i considered asking them to do the corny-assed gather a bunch of waitstaff around someone and embarrass them routine, but i passed on that.

everyone was stuffed, and left contented for home. this was my only real reprieve from work this weekend. i have to go back in yet again tomorrow to finish this weekends’ removal/restore routine. the sad thing is that this is just one of several weekends that’ll find me in there doing this. they’re putting in new carpet in all the offices, one office area at a time. this means that all the computers and phones have to be removed from the area before the carpetting people arrive, and then returned to their original spaces once the carpet is finished. this, of course, means that the impedus for making sure everything has been returned to its original area and rendered functional again falls upon my shoulders. (i should mention in the spirit of fairness, though, that glenn was there until almost seven pm with us on friday night.)

there are too many places i wanna be, to paraphrase ronnie van zant.

today, for instance, i should have been with blake at his sisters’ vacated house, cutting tracks for his album.

i wasn’t.

i could’ve been in philadelphia at the keswick theatre, watching david crosby’s band, and pondering his recent arrest in the audience, but i wasn’t.

tonight, however, after watching a bit of television with my nocturnal children, i decided to let them in on my typical saturday night post-gig routine, and we all went to queen city diner for breakfast at 2 am. it was something of a disappointment, as we were there earlier than we normally are, and the clientele weren’t really arriving yet that make weekend nights what they are. ah, well.

all this being said, i should hit the hay. i’m supposed to stop and bring lunch in tomorrow when i go to work.


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