all you need is just a little patience…

now playing: chris whitley, “indian summer”

those of you who know me know that my primary vocation – that which pays for food, clothing, shelter and guitars – is PC/network support and repair. i’m one person of a three man IT department for a manufacturing facility in the county where i live. i also build PC’s for people as a side business, and have been rather successful with it, considering that all my advertising is word-of-mouth only.

one of the reasons i think i’ve done so well in this line of work is my patience and my people skills. i excel at making people feel comfortable with foreign technology, and helping them to understand things about computers that they find intimidating. i use a lot of analogies and take my time explaining things until i’m confident that they understand what i’m trying to get across. i apply this line of reason both here at work during the day, and in people’s living rooms when i’m setting up their newly purchased PC and showing it to them for the first time.

indeed, i think it’s the fact that i’m somewhat human that has helped me set myself apart from my colder, more logical peers in this field.

however, my fabric is starting to fray.

(of course, it could be said that anytime i quote a guns n’ roses song in my title line, something is rotten in denmark…)

thanks to the brand-spankin’-new netsky.d virus, i’ve done absolutely nothing productive here for the past day and a half, thus far. all i’ve done is chase NAV console popups from computer to computer, trying to root it out of the network, and hearing the same pap from the people who’ve seen fit to open it….

“…but the email came from a friend of mine! i knew the guy who sent it!”

boy, i never get tired of hearing that one – as if no one they knew personally would ever actually get infected with a virus, or have their address book hijacked….

the thing that’s killing me here is that it’s not the borderline illiterate folks who never use computers out in the shop who are perpetuating this…it’s the HR director. it’s the operations manager.

it’s people who should know better.

and it’s making me crazy.

i now have, in 4 inch high letters, the following words written on the dry erase board over my bench:

The words:

“but i knew the person who sent it!”

carry no weight in this room!

not that this is going to make my life any easier, but i felt better after i wrote it.

every month, i write a “helpful PC hints” article for our company newsletter, and on days like i’ve had for the whole of this week thus far, it’s pretty apparent to me that it’s wasted effort. seriously considering retirement.


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