now playing: jackson browne, “hold out”

it probably goes without saying that, based on the amount of sleep i’ve gotten overnight, that i’m already thinking about bagging the grape street thing tonight, but i know i’ll go through with it, when it comes down to it. i may be making an early exit, though.

my son has struck again…last night, before i left to come in, i told him that he should go downstairs and take the laundry from the washer and put it in the dryer…and apparently, this is exactly what he did – this and nothing more. he didn’t bother to turn the dryer on, so the clothing was still there, in its dripping wet splendor, when jayda went down to put her own clothes in.

she called me at work to tell me this, and i just had to laugh. i wanted to be pissed, but i couldn’t…what a wimp i am.

boy, could i use a nap….

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