just to clear up the confusion…

now playing: little river band, “happy anniversary”

so someone mentioned something to me today about one of my favorite superbowl commercials, the “seattle 1953” commercial, featuring a young jimi hendrix spying a guitar in the window of a music store next to a pepsi machine…remember? (if not, none of what i say will probably be relevant, anyway…sorry.)

my buddy mentioned to me today that he thought it was pretty ignorant that they chose a fender telecaster as the object of jimi’s affection, when his guitar of choice was always a fender stratocaster. “how could they be that historically inaccurate?”, he says to me.

well, i had to gently remind him that, in 1953, there was still no such thing as a stratocaster. you see, the telecaster made its debut in 1950 as the fender broadcaster, but the gretsch company sued over the name, as they were using the same model for a line of drums they manufactured at the time – so for a short period in 1951, they were manufactured with no model name at all (thus the current day moniker “nocaster”) until they were rechristened as the telecaster in early 1952. the stratocaster, by comparison, wasn’t made available until 1954 – so in 1953, young jimi wouldn’t have had the opportunity to choose between the two. however, according to pepsi historians, young jimi would have had to make the relatively easy choice between the guitar and the accordian…

anyway, after relaying this and other similarly relevant information (did you know that the ’54 strat bearing serial number 0001 belongs to david gilmour from pink floyd?), he went back to his desk and i had the awful epiphany that i had just channeled that smug, arrogant mailman from cheers without my knowledge or consent – and i went into a brief period of self-loathing, from which i have sufficiently recovered at this point…i think…

i don’t know how anyone suffers us at all, man. musicians….

in other news – please stop over at nicoles’ site and take in her thoughts on the current gay union debate, if you have thoughts about the issue…i’ll paraphrase my personal contribution to the debate:

“i find it incredibly entertaining, personally, that we live in a country that can become so collectively indignant over the prospect of homosexuals destroying the sanctity of the institution of marriage as they’re reaching for the remote to turn on “the bachelor” or “joe millionaire” or any one of a half dozen reality TV shows that have done more to trivialize marriage than any legislation could ever hope to accomplish…

if marriage is such a sacred friggin’ thing, then why make a goddamn game show out of it?”

you had to know that i’d somehow bring reality TV in close enough to get a shot in, right?

(for my longtime readers – all two of you – nicoles’ saga was the inspiration for the “open letter to a stranger” post a while back…)

i have made a personal pledge to myself to learn a pretty complex passage of music for a gig this weekend, and i think tonight might be my only real shot at getting it done, but that gives me tomorrow and all day saturday to forget it, so i might leave this on the “to-do” list until saturday afternoon, so it’s fresh when showtime rolls around. i’ve been pretty lax on my homework lately. i think, though, with quin’s departure from the band, that it’s gonna become incumbent on someone to breathe some life back into this thing – and this may very well fall on my shoulders. so whether there’s a band in the spot where this one stood a year from now may pretty well be up to me…this is not a position i’m familiar, or comfortable, with…but i’ll do what i gotta.


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