refrigerator poetry

now playing: blake allen, “cleaning”

the people who live in my house have….well, some issues.

dylan and jayda have obviously found themselves inspired while throwing something together in the kitchen…the once stagnant refrigerator poetry has been shuffled, and rewritten. reprinted here for your reading pleasure are some of my personal favorites, authors only slightly anonymous:

dark boy drive car to current job dancing

brother play with father and belly as feline to love the music

which home is asking all the sausages to dream soft shadowed summers

worship perfume at chocolate melon

one or three babies make smooth salt

kiss my sad sexy belly is a smooth honey naked playboy woman crapping

candy is like an almost steel picture carameling gorgeously surrounded by a brilliant ghost voice in a ugly licking center

i’m flipping rapidly in the direction of a good therapist in the yellow pages as we speak.


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