work work work…

now playing: gerry rafferty, “right down the line”

last night at dinner, dylan lapsed into one of his “consonant reversal” fits (the gene for such having been inherited from his father) and order peach “frogen yozurt” for desert, which is still cracking me up, even this morning. he didn’t finish it last night, and brought it home in a styrofoam cup…which he was instructed by his father to put in the “freeger”.

i had to return to work after 9:30, since i left early to pick them up and didn’t finish the end-of-day routine before leaving, which has to be done before midnight.

tonight blake is coming over to begin work in earnest on his website, and to hear the work i’ve done on the last two tracks he gave me to work on. i think i’m expected to start some vocals in the not-too-distant future, which will be the last thing to finish before mixing begins…

today, we find out if i’m capable of building and configuring a PC from top to bottom in less than four hours – my goal is to have it deliverable by the time its owner is ready to go home at 2pm. i’m confident that i can do it, left alone, but that’s never the case here.

so, i suppose i should get crackin’….


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