boobs? BOOBS!!

now playing: todd rundgren, “caravan”

so we’ve all either seen this by now, or we’ve at least heard about it, right?

first of all, i’m already miffed at CBS for the moveon debacle – and i’m the last person on the planet to object to the baring of a breast, but why all the falling all over themselves trying to distance themselves from what happened? it’s crackin’ me up. seriously.

over at the velvet rope, there’s a dialogue going on that had a couple of comments that had me laughing out loud at my desk…excerpted for your convienence:

“….And Janet’s hands didn’t move immediately to her exposed breast. After about 3 seconds, she placed both hands on her abs, one above the other, well below her breasts. As we all know from our pool party, beach volleyball, and/or slightly too active on the dance floor experiences, a woman can cover a free range tit before your Pavlovian instincts even begin to send the drool command….”

“…So, since we all saw Janet’s boob… that means there are six more weeks of winter!!!”

now, if perchance you happen to head over there and check out the forum yourself, you’ll note that there are a couple of closeup shots of the alleged boob in question. if you take a second or two to look around the boob instead of directly into the boob (which your mother warned you about as a child), you’ll notice something pretty telling….snaps. yeah, snaps. little snaps, like the ones on your winter coat, surrounding the alleged boob.

now, of course, i’m prone to wonder why those snaps would be there if that “wardrobe malfunction” were truly an unfortunate incident. also, why the metallic sun-thingy on the boob in question if it weren’t scheduled to make an appearance?

during my semi-annual standup comedy routine in the cafeteria today, i was mentioning to the ladies from HR that the last thing i do before i leave for work in the morning is to make sure my pasties are in place, as you never know when your breasts might be accidentally exposed.

(i also went into an occupationally-specific routine about what would happen if they ever tried to entice our powder-coating shop foreman, ron adams, onto queer eye for the straight guy…you’d have to know ron, i guess…)

i’m starting to see the light at the end of the work tunnel, but on a personal level, i’m starting to get a little swamped…i have two more potential PC orders in place today, one of which is a go, the other on the fence at the moment…but i’m lovin’ it. keeps me out of trouble… 🙂


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