pc’s, politics, and lowell george’s ghost

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so today, i’m paying for last night’s incompetence.

i finished putting together what should have been my PC-building masterpiece – the last hurdle to clear in order to render the studio completely operational – and it would not power up. there was power to the motherboard, but the machine wouldn’t actually boot up – hitting the power switch yielded no results. i spent at least three hours on it last night and the net result, as of now, is a goose egg. i gotta get this thing up and running, man. i need it to be workin’.

i’m building one identical to the one i just built for blake, and i want to know that it’s not an issue that’s gonna replicate itself outside of the case it sits in…and the machine that used to inhabit this case ran just fine in there. so i’m on edge a bit about the whole computer mess…which will remain a mess until such time as i manage to get home later tonight. sheesh.

i’m having lunch tomorrow with a representative of the company that i mentioned some time back…the company that might take me on as a consultant of sorts. it seems that she has some opinions about the current state of their IT department that she’d rather not relay until she meets with me face to face…which is understandable, i suppose. color me intrigued.

having taken yesterday off due to an unnatural preoccupation with spending as much time as possible in the bathroom, i find myself approaching the tail end of midweek completely overwhelmed with work – three laptops that need to be completely configured and ready to fly by friday morning…which gives me exactly one working day, after today, to make that happen. add to that three machines that need my attention, and a laptop that refuses to boot and has left a user stranded without a machine, and you have the makings of an occupational nightmare.

i’m gonna be a little preoccupied for a few days.

so the iowa caucuses have come and gone, and it appears the self-destruction of howard dean has begun…new hampshire is creeping up on us, and john kerry is surging, donations pouring in…and a few days ago, no one would have predicted any of this. i’m still not sure what to make of it. i’d personally love to live in a world in which dennis kucinich would be a serious, viable candidate for president, but i think the reality of the situation is that we don’t deserve him. the american population at large is too apathetically bloated and selfish and disconnected from the rest of the world to benefit from a kucinich presidency.

not when there’s a new season of american idol getting underway, and the survivor all star season coming up in a couple of weeks.

pass the fuckin’ doritos.

hmmm…i guess i do know what i make of it, after all.

other sites are analyzing the content of the state of the union address with far more detail than i personally care to go into…stop by at left of the aisle or patriot watch or collective sigh or alternet for an indepth ridiculing of our unelected president and his tirade last evening…i will say that i laughed out loud when he read from the teleprompter, “the patriot act is due to expire this year” to the unfettered applause of the democratic side of the congress…the look on his face at that moment was worth sitting through the rest of the speech.

i guarantee that the individual responsible for leaving that window of opportunity in the speech is filling out the insta-applications at fast food joints this morning.

also: click on the capital games link across the way to read david corns’ take on the address…always insightful, and always able to spot a fabrication or a spin a mile away.

in other news…

between swings at the snooze button, i dreamt this morning that i was learning slide guitar tricks from lowell george‘s ghost, and the only person who could see or talk to him was me. we were in my grandfather’s old house back in tennessee, and he was playing one of my stratocasters that i have set up specifically for slide, and i was trying to get him to listen to a tape i had made, but he kept saying, “it don’t matter, man. it don’t matter. here. just do this…” and he’d rip off a lick that would just sound amazing, and then he’d hand me the guitar and the 3/4 socket that he’d been wearing on his left hand, and i’d play something that sounded just like what he’d just played and then try again to get him to listen to this tape…i have no idea what was on the tape, but it was mighty important to me that he hear it.

lowell was an absolute monster on slide guitar…if you’ve never, for whatever reason, been exposed to little feat, you owe it to yourself. they spawned an entire branch of the rock and roll stylistic tree. no shit. and lowell was the driver of the truck.

“I can’t find a soul who’ll take on this mess
It’s those rock and roll hours, early graves without flowers
Please, please darlin’ put my mind at rest
I’m beggin’ please darlin’ put my mind at rest…”

stop back by anytime, lowell. i usually set my alarm for around six…

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