cold, thin air

now playing: joni mitchell, “a case of you”

came in this morning and immediately loaded up the trusty mp3 jukebox with about 3 1/2 hours’ worth of joni. i think it’s gonna be that kind of day/night.

the entire northeast is frozen solid this week – should make for some interesting football matchups this weekend, to say the least…it’ll be interesting to see how the colts’ self-important quarterback holds up in this…he was pouting on the sideline during the final quarter of the last meetup between the pats and his team, and while it’ll be tight, i think the pats have the advantage. the colts’ punter, who has yet to punt at all during this years’ playoffs, will definitely see some action.

we won’t even go into the fate that awaits the philadelphia heimlichs

it’s not as cold here as it is there, where pictures are surfacing on the internet of icicles hanging down from ceilings of houses freshly extinguished by firefighters, but it’s plenty cold for most peoples’ taste. the air is brittle and harsh, and the wind at night is pretty intense – i drove jayda and her boyfriend last night to drop him off at his house and even at that hour (9pm) the wind was pretty fierce. i was up late (doing dishes and laundry, and playing with my new toy and i could hear it picking up steam into the early morning hours…crazy.

today could well be the longest workday of my week – and that’s taking into consideration my fourteen hour day on tuesday. i have eighteen machines to prepare for deployment today, and a couple of repairs to fit into this same period of time…insane. just insane.

but thursdays’ paycheck will be a welcome reward for all the crap i’ve gone through the past couple of weeks…i have some debts to atone for. enough, in fact, that i probably wouldn’t flinch at another two weeks like these if circumstances made it necessary. nor will i flinch at the thought of not getting out of bed tomorrow until well past my usual weekday hour…i’m abandoning my usual practice of beating myself up for sleeping in on the weekends. i have things i want to do this weekend, but i’m not going to torture myself if they don’t get done. i’m expecting my buddy mitch to come out this weekend for the stone road show tomorrow night and stay for football on sunday…he’s such a blast to have around. just the fact that he’s in the room makes the air thinner…and my house could stand for the air to be thinner lately.

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