i didn’t mean to say it, but i meant what i said….*

now playing: james taylor, “believe it or not”

you know, just once….just once – it’d be nice if somebody in a position of alleged importance could open their mouth without feeling like they had to backpedal and apologize all over themselves as if they had no idea that what they said would arouse a little controversy.

and i’ll tell ya another thing.

much as you may hate to hear it, howard dean was right when he said that in order to win, he needed to be the candidate for the guy with the confederate flag on his truck. and i lost a healthy amount of respect for him when he apologized for having said it, to be honest.

where are the courage of your convictions? or is it that you have no real convictions?

gettin’ pretty irate around here lately….maybe i should take a day or two off….

*quoted from james mcmurtry’s “too long in the wasteland”

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