bush in 30 seconds

now playing: dan fogelberg, “to the morning”

i actually went to bed at 10:30 last night. go figure.

out of frustration, somewhat, as i had been tuned in to the bush in 30 seconds webcast, but lost my connection and couldn’t re-establish it after almost 15 minutes of trying. i’m not sure if i’ve made my peace with the winner yet, but i can understand what i perceive to be their reasons for picking it…it does make a point that sidesteps the issue of beleaguering the iraq war, taking bush to task for the deficit as opposed to some of the harder-hitting ads that made the final cut. my personal choice would’ve been this one or more likely, this one. you can watch the second one with the sound off and still get the full impact. goosebumps.

with every day that passes by, it becomes just that much more obvious to me that the vast majority of the populace has turned a completely blind eye to what’s going on in this country. the new book that paul o’neill figures so heavily in potentially confirms what so many of us have suspected to be truth all along, regarding agendas in the bush administration…no one in the know has seen fit to deny any of his statements, but instead are gearing up for a probe to investigate whether or not he compromised classified information in going public.

well, let’s just hope that this particular witch hunt moves with the expediency of the valerie plame leak investigation. i’m sure we’ll have him nailed to the wall in no time.

yep…divert their attention to the matter of whether classified information was leaked or not. because, hell, we all know that none of ’em even remember that whole Plume business – if they ever knew about it at all! goddamn, i love it when a plan comes together….we make a big enough stink to make him look like a laid-off postal worker, the hordes will completely ignore the fact that we didn’t bother to deny any of it…yeeeeeHAW!

perhaps it’d just ‘wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture’ (as Dana Carvey’s GB Sr. would say) to go around denying o’neills’ allegations this soon after none other than colin powell himself made some pretty damning statements regarding our misleading motives for war. in fact, as late as february 2001, powell himself stated that iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.

oh, fuck all that, anyway. ‘survivor all-star’ premieres right after the superbowl, yo!

i have to be at work tomorrow morning at five in the morning. we just had a major power outage that severely weakened the relays in the breaker box that supplies power to the server closet here, and that’s when we’re scheduling the replacement of it. as it stands, i already have an apparent corrupt MAS200 installation on a server as a result of today’s outage. that’d be lovely, huh? be at work all night tonight and have to be back at five in the morning.

i had almost seventy hours in last week. i bet i beat that mark this week.

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