let me in, immigration man…*

now playing: shawn colvin and dave matthews, “eleanor”

out of some sinister curiosity, i sat down in front of the tv last night and flipped back and forth between hardball and the o’reilly smackdown, which was especially convienent since our cable system has msnbc and fox news exiled next to each other on concurrent channels.

understand that this was necessary, in my mind, because i wanted to know how his droids were going to react to his immigration ploy. i was a little surprised, actually, to see that they weren’t terribly pleased…o’reilly, especially, was pretty harsh (cue gomer pyle: suhPRIZE suhPRIZE suhPRIZE!) – and chris matthews had the patron saint of disgruntledness, pat buchanan, on as a guest. (speaking of buchanan, does anyone remember this buchanan article that came out just before the war in iraq?)

matthews also had former JFK defense secretary robert macnamara on…talk about someone who knows how to skirt offering an opinion, man…

anyway, i did eventually go to bed. i’m not sleepin’ much lately.

jayda – if you’re reading this, you must click here and read through these. i immediately thought of you when i saw this, you could have written these yourself…well, you and jhonen vasquez could have probably collaborated on them, anyway.

(the rest of you may feel free as to click away as well…you just might not find them as funny as we would…)

entries are short lately due to some serious multitasking that seems to have taken over my life and work…hope to soon escape “random thoughts” mode.

*from the song of the same name by graham nash

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