deja vu?

now playing: fleetwood mac, “beautiful child”

this post, from berry’s world, made some leeway in cheering me up earlier tonight:


BuzzFlash steers us to a story advising Democrats to, bascially, start making out our will, as we are in for an ass-whupping come the general election. Some excerpts:

‘This is a year of turmoil and terror in the Democratic Party: Their likely presidential nominee battered, bloodied, and ridiculed even before the general election has begun…’

‘Rarely, in contemporary American politics, has a prospective Democratic presidential standard-bearer emerged successfully from his early primaries burdened by so many deep public doubts about his character within his own party.’

‘In over three decades of political reporting, I cannot recall a time when some of the Democratic Party’s senior strategists and adviser have spoken with such brutal candor about their likely nominee and his perceived weaknesses.’

‘Indeed, many Democrats fear that their primaries are about to deliver to them “the worst of all worlds, a bleeding front-runner stumbling over the finish line” to receive the Democratic presidential nomination. (Democratic consultant David) Sawyer said.’

Gosh, are things really so gloomy? Is all hope lost?

Not when you consider the story was written by Donald Lambro in June of 1992, and the hopeless Democratic candidate was a fella by the name of Bill Clinton.

**end quote**

as dubya’s daddy showed us then, a lot can happen in less than a year, where public opinion is concerned.

we sure are a fickle lot….thank god.

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